Treasure Hunting Trio Book Series

The Treasure Hunting Trio series of books feature the geocaching adventures of Molly, Bradley and their Uncle Joe. The books are aimed at primary school aged children.

Treasure Hunting Trio

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Treasure Hunting Trio is the first book. It is written from Bradley’s perspective, and is set in Belair National Park, Adelaide, South Australia.

In this book, the children learn about geocaching for the first time.

Caught with the Cache

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The second book, Caught with the Cache, is written from Molly’s perspective and is set in the Hallett Cove Conservation Park, also in South Australia.

The children continue their geocaching adventures, explore the unique geological features of the park, and have to resolve potential conflicts with muggles.

How to buy the books

The books are available to buy at selected bookshops around Adelaide. Details of which ones can be found on Tara George’s website. Tara’s website also has details of how to purchase copies of the book online, in both electronic and paper form.


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